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Being Fresh Woman by Massage

Women want anti-aging not by more expensive skin care products. But it is more important to have good eating and living habits, of course, can also through massage in Dubai to delay aging. Let's take a look at the massage which department can adjust natural aging.

Being Fresh Woman by Massage

1, Feet

Foot motherboard has many points about human health, as many as 70, and there are six meridians on the foot of beginning and ending. The feet and is closely related to the brain and heart, rise to balance the contact of human body each viscera function, therefore, the foot is called the "second heart".

Often massage feet, foot care, active foot blood gas, more walks or on pebbles, crural leg with warm water to soak the foot and so on all can help promote blood circulation, regulate balance of Yin and Yang, the prevention and treatment of diseases, have the effect of fitness, prolong life.

2, Axillary

Axillary lymph nodes with, have a lot of sweat glands, and capillary vessel and nerve is very rich, therefore, axillary is fitness the secrets of anti-aging, often massage the armpits.

Although some people are afraid of the itching, but after axillary stimulation, can make the people's congress (NPC) is small, at the same time, promote the blood circulation, make the various organs were fully the exchange of oxygen and nutrients, has a great effect to enhance the function of the organ. This "armpit movement against aging good effect, especially the self massage axillary 3 times a day, five minutes at a time.

3, Chest

Chest of thymus controls one of the most important immune organs of the body's immune system, often friction massage breast can enhance their immunity, enhance disease-resistant ability and the ability to fight infection, has a certain effect on anti-aging.

Every friction chest up and down with the palm, massage to the heart of points, 100-200 times, with disease resistance of self-defense, ease from live action.

4, Spine

Sedentary people often feel the spine have aching feeling, this time to pay attention to. Because the spine is nourished body organs in the area, is du meridian of the human body, it moves once spinal injury will have serious consequences.

Meridians on either side of the spine with close ties to the insides often massage the spine, can stimulate the meridians, promote the natural operation, effectively nourish the body organs, has the aging resistance.

Massage the matters needing attention

1, suffering from skin diseases, infectious disease in the disease of infective period can't massage, lest cause the spread of disease.

2, lymphangitis, hemophilia massage, easy to aggravate illness or lead to subcutaneous bleeding.

3 early it is forbidden to massage, fractures, joint dislocation.

Summary: this article to introduce the method about through massage to help women anti-aging. So fight decline to wipe not protect skin to taste can be oh!

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Being Fresh Woman by Massage
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