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Four Steps of Neck Massage Gives You New Life

In Dubai, Neck massage can effectively reduce the neck of the appearance of fine lines and adipose accumulation. As the saying goes, the beauty of a woman must look at the skin, see a woman's temperament that, of course, is to look at the neck. White and not wrinkled neck, nature is the ultimate pursuit of beauty. A white and charming neck, compact not proud flesh accumulation is the indispensable foundation. Perseverance adhere to the following four simple steps neck massage, beautiful neck will far away from us?

Neck massage Step1:

Upright in his chair, hands touch proper amount to massage oil, and then arms crossed. Cross hands index finger on the chin, chin and neck are vertical. Then use thumb fingers upward from the bottom of the neck massage the neck evenly, finally a little pressure to relax under the ear. Thumb press to have the strength, slightly underweight carlt massage detoxification, anti-wrinkle effect.

Neck Massage Step2:

Raised his chin, dab a small amount of massage oils, with his hands together with four fingers, the front of the neck by the hands of the stomach from down to up massage for many times, side and back massage can be used alternately with one hand. Do 10 times each massage action, action as far as possible the size of the increase, point to an abdomen massage also strong, so as to promote the neck ruled out toxins, limited delay the aging of the skin.

Neck massage Step3:

Relax remain upright, hands at your sides, his head leaned back, slowly until the maximum, and then recover. The same method, to the left and right movement forward. Upward movement to stretch the neck, on the one hand, stretch the muscles of the neck, have the effect of shape, on the other hand the neck in the stretching process consumes the neck fat, reduce neck proud flesh accumulation.

Neck massage Step4:

Hands together four fingers, four fingers down from behind the ear has been pushed to the collar bone and the main effect of the massage action is relaxing detoxification. The neck is a place where a lot of lymph nodes together, starting from the ear after massage the lymph, regular massage can reduce lymph toxin accumulation, achieve beautiful flesh tender skin effect.

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