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Huge Benefits of Shiatsu Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, more and more people knows the traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage can make a huge difference to their healthy life. The doctor of traditional Japanese Shiatsu Massage in Dubai is one of several major characteristics in the therapy of traditional Japanese medicine therapy, has the very good function and role, for the treatment of many diseases has a significant effect, today small make up together and learn relevant knowledge refers to the pressure.

Shiatsu is also called "massage", based on the TCM organs, meridian theory as the theoretical basis, and combined with western anatomical and pathological diagnosis, and using the technique in specific areas of the human body surface to regulate the body's physiological and pathological conditions, achieve the goal of physical therapy method.

In nature, it is a kind of physical therapy. From the pressure on the treatment of, can be divided into health refers to the pressure, movement refers to the pressure and health refers to the pressure.

The main features

In Dubai, Shiatsu massage is arguably more economy of a kind of simple way, acupressure because there is no need to use special medical equipment, will not limited by time, location, and climate conditions, almost anytime and anywhere can introduce a kind of therapy. Refers to the pressure stable and reliable and easy to learn, also do not have any side effects.

Due to these advantages, be loved by the masses of preserve one's health massage fitness measures. For a normal person, can enhance the body's natural resistance, to obtain the health care effect.

For patients in general practice shiatsu massage treatment, can both local symptoms in patients with improved treatment and faded, and can accelerate the patients to restore the function of the affected part, in general, will naturally receive good treatment effect. To reduce the patient's pain and alleviate the effect is very good.

Promote metabolism between the blood and lymph circulation and organization process, to coordinate between different tissues and organs function, make the function of metabolism level increased.

Reconcile blood

Because massage is soft, light and power, follow the channels, according to the acupuncture point, the operation in the human body, through the meridians of the conduction to regulate the body, strengthen the body health.

Modern medicine believes that, refers to the mechanical stimulation of pressure technique, through the comprehensive function converts mechanical energy into heat energy, in order to improve the temperature of the local tissue.

Prompted the capillaries expansion, improve blood and lymph circulation, to lower blood viscosity, reduce the peripheral vascular resistance, reduce heart burden, therefore prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Enhance immunity

As the infantile diarrhea, refers to the symptom is reduced when the pressure or disappear; To rub up and pediatric lung has dry and wet, small horizontal stripes. Palm horizontal grain effectively.

Someone once in the same age group of children in the parallel control group health refers to the pressure, the pressure of children series, the incidence of falling, height, weight, appetite and so on are higher than the control group.

Above clinical practice and other animal experiment is proved, shiatsu massage has anti-inflammatory, antifebrile, enhance immunity function, can strengthen the body resistance.

It is for massage can dredge meridian. Keep the circumfluence of qi and blood, the body balance of light and dark, so after massage can feel the muscles relax, flexible joints, energizing, eliminate fatigue, play an important role to ensure the body health.

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