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Dubai Massage for Losing Weight - New Generation

As the group of people to lose weight in Dubai more and stronger, by the massage method reducing weight is also more and more popular in Dubai. Choosing massage to lose weight in starts in several years before, and now we need to know about the principles of massage losing weight , Dubai massage can reduce weight is by stimulating the corresponding acupuncture points and meridians, regulate endocrine, have the effect that reduce weight. Did the premise work so that it will be more at ease.

Traditional Japanese medicine believe that obesity is eating section, less sedentary, seven emotions. In fact the main cause of obesity is vital energy deficiency failure. Generally light person can be asymptomatic, moderately severe patients have less sleepiness, difficulty can easily fatigue, take a breath, shortness of breath, skin can have the purple lines, sweat more, can't stand the heat, etc. Treat appropriate spleen, spleen with wet phlegm, kidney.

Massage to lose weight is based on traditional Japanese medicine meridian theory in a way of losing weight, curative effect and no side effect significantly. Massage in Dubai to lose weight is mainly applied to local, such as the abdomen, hips, arms and legs, humeral back, use the methods such as rubbing, kneading. Such as massage legs to push, take, mainly of film techniques such as on the shoulder, back to press, kneading, pushing, take etc. Massage can promote metabolism, and make some extra fat into heat and consume, thus reducing local adipose accumulation. Applied to the abdomen and limbs local weight loss is more popular.

Massage has long been known for people, it has the dredge meridian, energy and blood, adjust the role of the human body each organ function, and can be carried out on in the family characteristics. For some obese people don't want to appear in outpatient service, using this method to coordinate all systems in the body function, lipid-lowering reducing weight, can yet be regarded as a good idea.

Massage to reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, accelerate fat metabolism and absorption, on the digestive system, endocrine system, nerve body fluid metabolism, has a two-way high-speed action such as glucose metabolism. As long as the target, massage to the obesity and angular produces corresponding effect. Very little fat tissue clearance of blood vessels, and with the help of frequent massage, can promote the regeneration of the capillaries, eliminate the moisture in fat, accelerate fat and the use of the organization.

Mainly use the abdominal massage, press, kneading,,,, pat, sting operation. Can do 10 minutes at a time in order to promote the intestinal peristalsis, abdominal muscle contraction, make some fat into heat and consumption. Massage can often reduce the accumulation of body fat, but because of fatty liver, loosing syndrome caused by large abdominal convex the effect not beautiful.

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