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Do You Know Dubai Massage ?

Foot reflection zone is all the body organs, in general, foot massage is the whole body health care. Today, the doctor of traditional medicine keeping in good health experts a good chat with you again about the foot massage.

Massage the soles of the method

First on our hands with soap and water or alcohol to clean, and then select a comfortable position, after the leg of his trousers rolled up with both hands on the legs, found that acid hemp place massage. Note control efforts should be uniform and smooth, not to speed, weight, the strength of the size also should choose according to the patient's physical condition.

What's good about the foot massage

The benefits of massage the foot has a lot of, common is to promote the body blood circulation, stimulate cell vitality, strengthen metabolism, keep youth. At the same time also can regulate hormonal balance in the body, promote the coordination between the organs, eventually to improve body resistance, immunity function.

1, The treatment of cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a bone disease, experts found that through the foot massage can effectively stimulate the reaction of the cervical spine, excite the reflex zone around the cervical appeared.

Want to massage the soles of the feet to the treatment of cervical spondylosis, should according to the course of increasing with the increase of massage, it's best to be acupuncture point appeared a little pain. Massage time can choose in the morning and evening time, 10 minutes to half an hour every day, insist on two weeks can be a significant effect.

2, Treatment of insomnia

Every night before going to bed, will be cross-legged on foot up, and then give up in the brains of some other thoughts, and then with both hands thumb various massage spring cave? Ah, this kind of massage method for patients sleep quality greatly improved, a sleep until the morning is not a dream.

3, Ease the mental stress

Mental pressure will cause nerve reflex slow down, the body appear forgetfulness, slow reaction and so on. Massage foot can effectively a few times before I go to bed, cerebral cortex nerve reflex of the body back to normal. Foot massage every night of excitement, such not only can regulate sleep, also can recuperate intestines and improve the vigor.

4, Detoxification cancer

Massage the foot spring cave can make our saliva is accelerated, and the role of saliva with cancer; After the foot massage to drink a cup of cold water can effectively promote the blood circulation, get rid of toxins in the body.

Every night before going to bed massage foot spring point, produce a large number of nibbling chocolates after slowly swallow saliva. Massage after drinking a cup of cold water, can effectively regulate kidney function, promote the body metabolism, discharge toxins and waste of the body.

5, Prevent motion sickness

The first three months of pregnancy morning sickness of many women will happen, it will lead to pregnant women feel sluggish, no appetite. What's good about massage your feet, can effectively improve the condition of morning sickness, the fetus and pregnant women are restored to health.

6, Beauty

Massage foot can maximum discharge accumulation in the body of toxins and waste, make the skin restore healthy and ruddy luster. Insist for a long time to massage the soles of the feet, in addition to facial skin, also can effectively eliminate blain blain, to restore the skin smooth and white.

7,Strengthen body resistance

Brush massage foot can stimulate cell, make the cell delay old keep vitality, and promote the body function of heart and the coordination, make a balance of some in the body back to normal. Insist for a long time to massage the soles of the feet, can effectively improve the body resistance, reduces the likelihood of illness.

8 ,Improve memory

Many points on the soles of the feet and is very important for our body. Experts tell us, the points on the soles of the feet tube machinery in our brain, mouth, lymphoid tissue, etc., to the right foot massage, can effectively stimulate the body acupoints and organs, and can also improve the function of memory.

9, Women palace cold treatment

Massage foot what benefits, of which the most benefits for women. Female body was originally a lie to cold, massage feet for a long time, can effectively promote the whole body blood circulation more smoothly and make women won't appear cold hands cold feet, it also can effectively treat women palace cold.

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