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Try a Baby Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, more babies are sending to a massage center to get professional massage by their parents. Do you want to spoil your baby? If so, giving your baby a spa day is the perfect way to spoil your precious bundle of joy.

These techniques are good for all pre-crawling babies. For the best chance of success, don't try a massage just before or after a meal.

Your baby's legs are a good place to begin, as they're less sensitive than some parts of the body. Using a little oil, wrap your hands around one of her thighs and pull down, one hand after the other, squeezing gently, as if you're "milking" her leg. Switch legs and repeat.

When you think your baby's ready, set up on the floor with a towel and a small bowl of vegetable-based oil.

Feed your baby. If you are bottle feeding, make sure you are giving your baby the proper amount of formula. Make sure it is warm, so your baby doesn't get a belly ache.

Take one of your baby's arms in your hands and repeat the milking motion from his armpit all the way to his wrist. Then, take his hand and gently rotate the wrist a few times in each direction. Switch arms and repeat.

Give your baby a bath. Run a nice warm bath for your baby, and take the time to wash and rinse your baby very well. After your baby is nice and clean, dry him/her and massage your baby gently with lotion.

Play with your baby. babies love and need attention, you will have a happy baby after you've played with them for a while.

Put your hands together in prayer position over your baby's heart. Then stroke your hands outward and lightly flatten your palms down over his chest. Repeat several times.

Let your baby take a nap. Once your baby starts to get cranky from all the fun, it's time for him/her to take a nap.

Make sure your baby is burped after you feed him/her.

Make sure you get your baby into the crib when tired; otherwise, he or she will get fussy.

Make sure you cuddle with your baby, and read to him/her during fun time. Babies always enjoy being read to.

make sure you have your air set to the right temperature.

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