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Dubai Massage Will Help Your Health and Wellbeing

Generally in Dubai, people use massage for either general relaxation and wellbeing, or to address a specific complaint, such as pain or limited range of motion. Research suggests massage therapy may contribute to both goals.

Some of the general benefits of massage therapy may include:

Physical relaxation Improved circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination Relief for tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains Release of nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica) Greater flexibility and range of motion Enhanced energy and vitality

Some clinical styles may help heal scar tissue as well as tendon, ligament, and muscle tears

Massage therapy may help the body in many ways. Massage can relax muscle tissue, which may lead to decreased nerve compression, increased joint space, and range of motion. This may lead to reduced pain and improved function.

Massage therapy may also improve circulation, which enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells and helps remove waste products. These circulatory effects of massage may have value in the treatment of some inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis or edema (an excessive accumulation of fluid in body tissues, which may be reduced using manual lymph drainage).

Massage therapy is also thought to induce a relaxation response, which lowers the heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure; boosts the immune system; and generally decreases the physical effects of stress.

These effects suggest that massage may be helpful for a wide range of conditions. Some of these are listed below.

Thomas is a 60-year old accountant who enjoys fishing, gardening, and baseball. But as tax season approaches and Thomas becomes very busy at work, he doesn't have time for his outside activities, and he notices that he gets more headaches that are more intense.

In February, after spending the weekend working on a new large account, he can't think clearly because of a very intense headache and stiff neck.Thomas calls his regular massage therapist to schedule an appointment. The therapist suggests a combination of clinical trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and relaxation massage.

After the session, Thomas feels a sense of relaxation because his headache is completely gone. He has the energy to go back to the office and complete working on the account. He calls his wife to say he is coming home to take her out to a movie and dinner.The therapist suggests that Thomas come in once a week throughout his high workload period to counter the effects of stress, sleep loss, and long hours on the computer.

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