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Give Yourself a Supine Neck Massage in Dubai

Place your partner in the supine position. "Supine" means that he's laying down on his back. Ideally, you can find an elevated surface for him to lay on which allows you to stand or sit in a chair at his head. If he lays on the ground, you’ll have to bend over quite a bit, and this could hurt your back. .Tie long hair back so it doesn’t hang in your partner's face.If he has long hair, sweep it back and over the side of the table or bed so you don’t accidentally pull it during the massage.

Ask him to either remove their shirt or to wear a top that exposes his chest from the collarbone up.

You should provide a towel or blanket if he's uncomfortable with exposing his chest.

Choose a massage oil or lotion. You can sometimes find massage oils at department stores, but if not, they can be purchased online.Some household oils, like coconut oil, also make wonderful massage oils.Olive oil, almond oil, and sesame oil can work well, but they tend to be heavy and thick. Use smaller amounts of these oils for a massage.

Make sure your partner doesn't have any nut allergies before using almond or sesame oil.

Work the oil or lotion through your hands by rubbing them together. This warms the product up to make it more comfortable for him.

Warm up gently. Standing behind his head, place the heels of your palms against the sides of the neck. Use long, gentle Swedish strokes to apply pressure down the neck and over the shoulders.

Place your thumbs under the neck and run the inside of your index finger down the length of it. Begin at the ear and work down to where the neck meets the shoulder.

Fan the motion out over his shoulders as well. You can use your middle, ring, and pinky fingers on the front of the shoulders.

Apply more focused pressure to the neck.Place four fingers under both sides of the neck. Apply firm pressure, running your fingers from the base of skull to the shoulder.

Loosen the muscles further by pulling your fingers up and away from the table or mat. In doing so, his head head should almost be lifted from the surface.

Repeat this motion with your fingers all along the length of the neck.

Work the neck and shoulders with your thumbs. Lifting your index through pinky fingers in the air, place your thumbs on the sides of the neck, just below the ears. Applying firm pressure, glide your thumbs down the sides of the neck. Slide them over the the shoulders, all the way to the edges where they meet the arms.

Use the length of your thumb, not just the tip. This applies diffused pressure rather than focused pressure.Stay away from the exposed front of the throat. Applying pressure there will cause a good deal of pain.

Massage the chest. The muscles in the front of the chest work in concert with those in the neck, so it’s important you give them some attention.Place your thumbs lightly against the back of the shoulders.Place your other four fingers along the front of the shoulders.Apply kneading pressure both to the front of the shoulders and to the upper chest, under the collarbone.Make sure not to apply pressure directly to the collarbone, or any bone. This can be very painful.

Apply rolling pressure under the neck. Place your index, middle, and ring fingers under both sides of your partner's neck. Beginning up by the ears, apply pressure in a rolling motion away from the head, toward the shoulders.

Be firm, but not rough. Your motion might lift his shoulders a little bit off the surface, but he should not be flinching.

Focus on each side of the neck. Turn his head to the side to expose the side of his neck to you. Support his head by keeping one hand placed under it. When you’ve finished working one side of the neck, gently turn his head the other way and work the other side.

With your free hand, use your fingertips to apply long, firm strokes from the earlobe down to the chest.Use your thumb to knead the side of the neck in small circles.

Apply deep tissue pressure to the sides of the neck. Deep tissue techniques can cause pain, so you need to be alert to your partner's reactions while doing this. However, the muscles behind the ears can become very tense, so you must apply more intense pressure there to break up the knots. For this technique, the head should still be turned to the side, with one of your hands cradling it from below.Make a loose fist with your free hand and push the side of your fist into the side of the neck, just behind the ear.

Apply intense pressure and move your fist very slowly down the side of your neck. Work your way down to where the neck meets the chest.The intense pressure can be very painful if you move your hand too quickly down the neck, so move at a glacial pace.

Be careful to watch for signs of pain. Deep tissue massage, while relaxing in the long run, can be uncomfortable in the moment.Give him a break and have him take deep breaths if he feel pain. Begin again when he's ready.

Work your fingertips in circular motions behind the ears. The muscles behind the ear, just below where your head meets your neck, tend to grow quite tense. Return your partner's head to an upright position for this technique, so you can work both sides of the neck at the same time.Place your fingertips on those muscles and apply firm (but not painful) pressure.Move your fingertips in a circular motion to break up the tension in that area.

Massage the muscles just above the collarbone. You'll feel a small dent right above the collarbone. Use your fingertips to gently massage the muscles in that area using both circular and kneading motions.

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