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Enjoy a Hand Massage in Dubai by Yourself

In Dubai, you'd get a nice, long massage at a spa every day if I could, but fortunately for the massage therapists of the world (and my wallet), I have work, family, friends, and pets to keep me from going completely shiatsu, Swedish, and Thai stone crazy.

That doesn't mean that I've given up on pampering myself, though. Instead, I've picked up some simple techniques from the pros that relax and recharge my muscles. Self hand massage in Dubai are especially easy to learn, and if you spend all day typing like I do, they feel amazing. So give yourself a minute, break out a little of your favorite lotion or oil, and check these strokes out.

Do your hands cramp time after time? If so, I'm sorry, but look here, I'm going to tell you how to make a home-made hand massage.It's not that hard to make and it's not expensive either. After you have made your hand massage your hands will feel a whole lot better.

Buy a pack of balloons, some flour, water, and a funnel.Take a balloon of your color and choice.

Take the funnel and place it in the hole of your balloon.Fill the funnel 1/2 of the way with flour.Clean the funnel and place it back in the balloon hole.

Once the funnel is placed back in the balloon hole fill it 1/3 of the way with water. If your balloon starts spewing out water, then just clean it up and pour out some of the water. The balloon will work good as new.

Then if the balloon hole is dirty then wipe it of with a paper towel with no water.Tie the balloon up and shake it.

The heels of your hands do a lot of hard work and don't get nearly as much attention as your fingers do. Dubai massage them in gentle circular motions, beginning on the side furthest from your thumb and working your way across.

As soon as you're done shaking it, roll it around in your hand and you have your very own homemade hand massage.

Massaging the muscles and joints at the bases of your fingers can really soothe soreness and help relieve cramps. Use a circular stroke, similar to the one you did for the heels of your hands.

Don't roll too hard otherwise the balloon will surely pop and make a big mess everywhere.

If your flour and water doesn't seem to be mixing, either add more water or start another balloon.

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