Make an Easy Foot Massage Spa by Small Money in Dubai

In Dubai, everything is so nice, in the same time, everything is expensive. Want to create a REALLY great gift that looks expensive, but cost less Money? Here is a wonderful project utilizing inexpensive items to make and get a wonderful foot massage and spa by small money.

Make a list of needed items.

Use a clean foam paint brush and paint the plant pot white all over and allow to dry completely.

Use a clean foam paint brush to paint the lower half of the pot with the gold paint and allow to dry completely.

Use a plastic bag and some painter's tape to cover the gold paint.

Use a clean foam paint brush to paint the pot from just under the lip of the pot down to the covered gold paint and allow to dry completely.

Use a clean detail brush to paint any desired words onto the lip of the plant pot and allow to dry completely.

Fill pot with old newspaper or empty plastic grocery bags from your shopping trips.

Place one sheet of tissue paper on top of the stuffing.

Neatly place scrub, lotion, pumice stone, nail kit and spa socks in pot.

Affix Mylar balloon to inside of pot using a piece of tape. Allow the tissue paper to hide the tape.

Affix the decorations to the outside of the pot.

Give to intended recipient.


These sell very well at bazaars and flea markets.

Purchase extra items and create more of the same project.

You will have LOTS of paint left over.

You can substitute colors and items to suit your needs.

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