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Give Yourself Relaxing Massage Vacation at Home

Since when was the last time you had some relaxation? Well you could have a massage in Dubai day right at home; it’s pretty easy and also quite cheap. This article is the key to happier massage days!

Force everybody out of your house, you can do this by forcing your family to go on a day out together, make sure they are gone for a long time. Choose a day that suits you the most.

Learn how to relax, calm down and stop stressing! Everybody has to relax once in a while, relaxing is pretty easy, put your shoulders back and breathe in and out and imagine, this helps lots of people.

Buy massage treatments they don’t have to be over expensive.

Firstly have a warm bath, try and add some strawberry scented bubble bath, adding floating, fake, flowers gives it a special massage touch, add candles around the room. Spray perfume into the air for a nice smell. Rest your head on a comfy bath pillow, and tie your hair up so it does not touch the water. Buying yourself your very own bathrobe also gives off that massage touch. massage’s like to use light colored robes.# If you have crazy afro Caribbean hair consider giving yourself a Hot oil treatment, put hair oil onto your hair for 10 minutes with a towel wrapped around their head.

To get extra soft hands rub some thick moisturizer to your hands and skin to avoid getting dry and crusty irritated skin. cut your nails and then paint them softly with a light color.

Put your feet into a nice warm bowl of water and then spray deodorant into your slippers and onto your towel. Dry your feet with the towel and then slip your feet into the slippers.

Eat massage food, such as fruit on stick this is easier if your nails are not dry yet from the nail polish. Put relaxing music on you can borrow this from the library. Or you could just watch a movie, and rest on pillows, jump into your pool.


Use products that you know suit your skin type.

Don't Pamper yourself to often, because it won't feel like a treat.

Make sure that your bathwater isn't hot enough to burn you.

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Give Yourself Relaxing Massage Vacation at Home

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