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Say Goodbye to a Stiff Neck By Massage in Dubai (3)

(1) Choose a pillow that gives you support the massage . If you wake up with a stiff neck every once in a while, your pillow may be at fault. Depending on how you sleep, choose a pillow that will minimize neck stiffness which can provide Dubai massage. Memory foam pillows are a good choice, as they give consistent support so that your neck can fully relax during sleep.

Side sleepers should find a pillow that keeps the head horizontal, rather than slumping down toward the mattress.

Back sleepers should use a pillow that keeps the head horizontal and that doesn’t bring the chin toward the chest.

(2) Replace feather pillows after a year. Pillows filled with feathers can offer excellent support for the neck, but they do lose their fluffiness after about a year with massage. If you have had your pillow for this long and you are experiencing a stiff neck, consider getting a new pillow.

(3) Try sleeping without a pillow. Many doctors recommend sleeping without a pillow for a few nights after you tweak your neck. This may help relieve symptoms and prevent stiffness caused by sleeping in the wrong position.

(4) Make sure your mattress is firm enough. In Dubai, your mattress may not be providing enough support for your spine and neck. If it has been many years since you've bought a new mattress, it may be time for a new one.

You could also try flipping your mattress, which should be done occasionally to make sure the mattress doesn't get misshapen. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's care instructions, as some types of mattresses (e.g., pillow top mattresses) usually should not flipped.

(5) Avoid sleeping on your stomach by a full massage. Sleeping on your stomach can be rough on the spine and neck, since your neck will be turned to one side all night. Try to fall asleep on your side or back. Even if you end up turning onto your stomach while you sleep, you will have spent less time on your stomach than if you started out sleeping that way.

(6) Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Getting enough rest will allow your body to restore itself. Sleep disturbances, such as waking up in the middle of the night or having trouble falling asleep, can exacerbate neck pain, since your body isn’t getting enough relaxed time to heal itself. Aim to get a full night’s sleep every night.

Method 6 of 8: Using Massage and Alternative Treatments to Bring Relief

(1) Massage your neck. Dubai Massage therapy is one of the best ways to relieve a stiff neck. If you're massaging your own neck, use this technique:

Warm up the back of your neck by rubbing up and down with your hands.

With gentle pressure, use your fingertips to rub in a circular motion on your neck. Focus on the areas that are most stiff, but rub your entire neck for relief.

Repeat this motion up and down your neck for several minutes.

(2) Visit a massage therapist. A massage therapist will work with you to figure out where your body is holding tension. While your neck may be stiff, you may actually have tension in other parts of your back or shoulders that builds in your neck.

Check with your health insurance to see if massage is covered by your health plan.

(3) Try acupuncture. Acupuncture is the Chinese treatment of pain and other ailments by penetrating various strategic points of the skin with tiny needles. Although some question acupuncture’s effectiveness, many chronic neck-pain sufferers swear by this treatment.

See an acupuncture therapist for a consultation and ask them specifically about treating neck stiffness or neck pain.

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Say Goodbye to a Stiff Neck By Massage in Dubai (3)

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