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Choose Massage Services in a Beauty Salon - Dubai Massage

Dubai Massage provides health benefits by helping people relax and relieve muscle tension. If you're looking to expand the offerings of your beauty salon, adding massage therapy treatments can help attract more clients and give your salon a competitive edge. Here are some ideas on how to add massage services to a beauty salon.

(1) Research the Dubai massage industry and determine which types of services you want to offer. Most states require that massage therapists become licensed, and there are different modalities of massage for therapists to learn. Whether you want to offer Swedish massage, deep tissue or Shiatsu, make sure the massage therapist you hire is licensed and trained to perform that type of massage.

(2) Decide how you want to pay the massage in Dubai. Many therapists work as self-employed contractors, meaning you won't need to worry about providing benefits or deducting taxes from a paycheck. You will take a portion of the amount charged for the massages and credit it to the salon. Most massage therapists at salons are not employees and depend on gratuitous clients for a large part of their salary.

(3) Create a space for the Dubai massage therapist to work. Since you will be offering other beauty treatments, create the massage area in a separate room away from the noise of the beauty salon. The room needs to be big enough for the massage table, a counter or cart for massage necessities, and enough room for the therapist to work comfortably.

Interview therapists and hire one that has the education and training to perform the types of massages you want to offer in the salon. If you have a massage school near you, speak with them about placing an ad and recruiting a new graduate. This is also the time to discuss massage charges and how you will be handling payment.

Discuss with the therapist whether she has a preferred brand of oils, creams and lotions that she likes to work with, or will be bringing her own supplies.

(4) Display package deals advertising the new massage services, encouraging current clients to schedule a massage appointment. You can charge full price for the massage and then offer a discount on a manicure, pedicure or blow out.

(5) Advertise your expanded salon massage services to prospective clients by creating flyers, talking to current clients, creating a page on your website, and taking out a small radio spot. Be sure to include information about the types of massages offered, your current package deals and regular massage prices.

Offer discounts or package deals, such as a discounted pedicure with the purchase of a massage.

Give clients a free 3-minute shoulder massage while receiving another type of service.

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Choose Massage Services in a Beauty Salon - Dubai Massage

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