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Massage Handicapped Hands and Feet to Make Your Wonder - Dubai Massage

Massage in Dubai provides specific physiological and chemical changes throughout your body, according to Benefits of handicapped massage therapy range from increasing your overall level of health to dealing with specific concerns. All forms of massage offer a natural healing approach.

Dubai Massage is considered an alternative and complementary treatment, although it is gaining increased popularity in conventional uses, according to the National Center on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.Massaging Handicapped persons hands and arms or legs that are contracted.

1 first,give person a warm shower.helps relax muscles

2 second,dry them off.

3 third,let them sit or lay down comfortable.

4 fourth,dress them.

5 fifth,get lotion apply lotion to area you are going to massage,rub in lotion as you are rubbing persons hands or wrist or leg.

6 sixth use up down soft massage,you will feel persons hands loosen up.

7 seventh use back and forth massaging,in small motions,also person will loosen up.

8 keep massaging up to 20 min until person is loosened up and more relaxed

9 can give massage daily,very helpful,helps person from getting contracted if done early,or after an injury.


range of motion exercises can be used with massaging,person will feel relaxed and more comfortable after having this done.

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Massage Handicapped Hands and Feet to Make Your Wonder - Dubai Massage

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