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Give a Massage Day to You and Your Kitty - Dubai Massage

In Dubai, More and more people keep a pretty cat as their lovers.massage day can be fun for everyone! It may sound silly but even kitty can have fun on massage day. Here are some fun and easy steps to total serenity and relaxation.

Method 1 of 2: Kitty

1 Fill a sink or bathtub about 1 inch (2 and a half centimeters) full of warm water.

2 Squirt a little Kitty soap on your hand and massage it into your Kittys coat. Make sure the shampoo doesn't contain any chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

3 Rinse with clean, warm water.

4 Wrap Kitty in towel and let him/her dry on your lap. You could also blow dry it's coat but I wouldn't recommend it as it is loud and hot on his/her back.

5 Brush Kitty's coat out until it is nice and smooth.

6 Change the bedding in his cage.

Method 2 of 2: Human

1 Fill the tub all the way (adding bubble bath might make it feel even more like a massage).Try a nice massage in Dubai.

2 Put on music, light scented candles and soak in the water.

3 When you get out of the tub wrap your hair and wrap your body and let yourself dry.

4 Do your hair nice.

5 Paint your nails (optional).

6 Put on a dress and some heels (optional).

7 Go and get some pictures of you and your cat with the best Dubai Massage!


Do NOT fill the bath too high as your piggy will drown!

Don't get soap in or near his eyes, ears or nose!

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Give a Massage Day to You and Your Kitty - Dubai Massage

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