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Create Your Ultimate Massage Basket (2) - Dubai Massage

(4) Consider color coordinating the basket. Color coordinating can be seasonal, or related to an event such as a forthcoming baby, or the favorite colors of the recipient. For example, if you will be giving the basket in fall (autumn), use orange colored items, even add orange and gold flowers to go with it. If it will be given during Winter, use cool colors like blue or white.

(5) Lay down tissue paper to cover the bottom and sides and let it run up over the rim. If you need to pad it, add the crinkle paper or bunched up tissue paper.

(6) Lay a folded towel inside the basket to the side to provide that artistic flourish. This is an important addition as it highlights the basket's purpose.

(7) Place all of the other items you've purchased inside the basket where they look nice and neat. This may take some rearranging here and there until it looks right but the basics are:

Largest items at the "back"

Smallest items in the "front"

All other items ranging from small to large size are place in between.

The most interesting items should be the easiest to see.

(8) Tie some scented items with ribbon and place on top. Good choices include:

Cinnamon sticks

Dried lavender

Bouquet garni

Small candles

Candy canes, mints, etc.

Wrap the whole basket in cellophane (or plastic wrap). Make sure that there are no wrinkles.

Add a bow and you are done! It's also a good idea to add a card by sticking it to the outside with strong tape, or attaching by ribbon.


Add a cute towel animal.

If using real flowers for decoration, make the basket and place the flowers just before delivering the basket.

This makes a great wedding gift!

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Create Your Ultimate Massage Basket (2) - Dubai Massage

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