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Try Perform Aquatic Exercises in a Water Massage - Dubai Massage

In Dubai, the water massage in more and more popular now. The healing and soothing influence of water has led to the invention of ‘Hydrotherapy’, which talks about the usage of water for treatment and pain relief. Water owing to its physical properties including its pressure and temperature, is used for several therapeutic purposes. The concept of swimming spas has thus redefined the idea of fitness combined with fun and relaxation. However, the question is about how to exercise in a swim spa to reap maximum fitness benefits.

(1) Use water to relax. You can simply immerse yourself inside this lap pool filled with lukewarm water to sooth your tensed nerves and muscles. Swim spa provides you with a wonderful option of relaxing after a tiring and sweaty day.

(2) Use the jets and currents. You can control the speed and direction of the jets of water currents in order to perform swimming inside the pool. Free hand swimming promotes muscle movement of your entire body.

(3) Do strength exercises with resistance bands. By attaching resistance bands to rowing bars, you can perform strength exercises for your hands and legs.

(4) Add weights into the mix. In some cases you can use ankle weights to achieve well-shaped thighs and calves. Strap your ankles with buoyancy cuffs to increase resistance without weight for better performance.

(5) Do walking and running exercises. Usage of foam buoyancy belts is useful for walking and running inside the pool, as these promotes toning up of abdominal muscles, support lower back and helps in correct posture.

(6) Use a paddle wheel. You can use the paddle wheel for rowing exercises to increase str

ength of your upper body.

(7) Experiment with other equipment. Certain swim exercises can also be performed using kick board, dumbbells and dragging balls.

(8) Don't forget about stretching, too! Perform some stretching exercises with the help of stretch belts and stretching machines.


Before using the swim exercise equipment inside the pool, make sure that you are fully aware of their purposes and applications and ways of using the same for fitness.

After making your mind about purchasing and installing the swim spa in your home, make sure to know the product thoroughly along with its applications, modes of usage and control, benefits and ways to utilize its varied system.

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Try Perform Aquatic Exercises in a Water Massage - Dubai Massage

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