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Say Goodbye to Shoulder Knot By Massage (2) - Massage in Dubai

Step 2 of 3: Massage your shoulders

1 Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.

2 Reach your shoulder with the opposite arm. You can do this by either putting your hand under your opposite arm or across your chest and facing down on your shoulder on the opposite side of your neck.

3 Massage the area around the knot by pressing the shoulder with your thumb in slow, firm strokes. This is called cross-fiber friction.

It is important to avoid pressing on the knot immediately because knots can easily become inflamed and get worse if you apply immediate pressure.

4 Work the area for at least 5 minutes.

If your shoulder knot is very hard to reach, ask a friend to perform the cross-fiber friction massage on your shoulder. Make sure they do not try to press their thumbs deep into the knot when they start the shoulder massage.

Step 3 of 3: Massage the shoulder trigger point

1 Move your thumb across your back to identify where the knot is. Do not press on it yet.

2 Lie on the floor with your back flat.

3 Place a tennis ball right beneath your knot and lie directly on it. You should feel some pressure as your body weight is placed on the ball.

4 Lie on the ball for five minutes. This may be uncomfortable at first, but at the end of the five minutes, you should stop feeling the extreme tightness. Your muscle may even feel slightly numb.

5 Move the tennis ball to another knot in your shoulder and lie on it for five minutes.

6 Repeat as many times as is necessary to get to all the knots in your back.

7 Repeat the stretch, massage and tennis ball procedure three times per day, until the knots are removed.


The best way to avoid shoulder knots is to make sure you have strong shoulder muscles. Do shoulder exercises such as squeezing your shoulder blades together once per day.

Swimming and yoga helps.

When massaging yourself, try using some oils or lotions to reduce friction.

Shoulder knots happen on the side of your dominant hand. Try to relax that arm or share the burden of lifting, pulling or movement with the other hand while you have a shoulder knot.

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Say Goodbye to Shoulder Knot By Massage (2) - Massage in Dubai

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