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Dubai Full Massage - More Details About Yuri (8)

For Yuri, as many Japanese girls, they love swimming so much.

The big reason Yuri comes to Dubai is there is a real nice and amazing beach around Dubai.

Yuri loves the swimming when shen was a child, at that time, the Japan has a country Hero in the swimming pool. Kosuke Kitajima!

Kosuke Kitajima (北島 康介 Kitajima Kōsuke?, born September 22, 1982 in Tokyo) is a Japanese multiple Olympic gold medalistbreaststroke swimmer. He won gold medals for the men's 100 m and 200 m breaststroke at both the Athens 2004, and the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic games.

Kitajima is a decorated swimmer in the world championships and was the world record holder in the 100 m breaststroke that he set at the 2008 Beijing Olympics – this mark has since been bettered by first Brenton Rickard and later Cameron van der Burgh. He was also bronze medal winner in the same Olympics in the 4×100 m medley relay. He edged out his main rival Brendan Hansen who finished fourth while Kitajima won the gold medal and set the new world record.

As a Japanese swimming player , he can get so many champions, real a county hero!

During the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Kitajima generated buzz for his primal screams of exuberance after edging out Hansen in the 100 m and 200 m breaststroke for the gold. At a pool side interview (3'24") following his victory in the 100 m, Kosuke Kitajima also popularised the phrase 'cho-kimochi-ii,' meaning "I feel really good." The word went on to win the 2004 U-Can Neologisms and Vogue Words contest.

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