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Teach You Prenatal Massage Techniques - Dubai Massage

In Dubai, you may try many massage center or therapy or maybe you will make a self massage at home. But do you know how to arrange a real nice massage by yourself?

The University of Miami School of Medicine conducted a study that demonstrated prenatal massage techniques can help pregnant women sleep better. Massages during pregnancy can also improve anxiety, decrease pain in legs and hips and manage stress hormones.

Keeping the mother and baby safe should be the first priority of any prenatal massage. Use prenatal massage techniques by working with the proper equipment, utilizing light pressure and paying attention to the changes that a pregnant woman's body is undergoing.

1.Wait until your second trimester to have a prenatal massage. The highest risk of miscarriage is during weeks 1 to 12 of a pregnancy, so most massage therapists avoid massaging women in their first trimester.

2. Lay on your side for a prenatal massage. There are specialty tables available with a uterus-sized cutout to allow a woman to lay on her stomach, but those tables can still apply dangerous pressure to the abdomen and pull on uterine ligaments.

Use pillows to prop yourself on your side. Specialty pillows for prenatal massages are called bolsters.

Have a massage sitting in a chair if it is more comfortable for you to sit. You do not need to be laying down to enjoy prenatal massage techniques.

3. Work with a massage therapist who is experienced in prenatal massage. There are practitioners who are certified in this type of massage. Special training is offered on techniques that are safe and beneficial to pregnant women.

Ask your massage therapist about certification or training in prenatal techniques. Each state has different standards and there is no national certification or program.

4. Avoid the pressure points in ankles and wrists. Prenatal massage should never include pressure on the areas that stimulate the uterus and the pelvis. Massaging the ankles and wrists is a technique often used to induce labor naturally.

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Teach You Prenatal Massage Techniques - Dubai Massage

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