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Give Your Head an Eyeglasses Massage - Dubai Massage Full Service

In Dubai, you may stay in your office everyday and every night, the eye and head would get so much pressure. So want to solve that?

For centuries, Indian women have massaged their hair with oils to encourage long, shiny locks. I remember when I was younger I used to run away from my mom when she pulled the hair oil out of the cabinet. I used to hate it, but little did I know how good it was for my hair.

Giving yourself a pleasurable relaxing head massage is relaxing and nice. You can also where eyeglasses while doing it!

1 Find an old pair of glasses. You may use the ones you wear regularly, but regular use may distort them. Sunglasses good to use since they are easier and made out of plastic.

2 Figure out if you will do your massage outside or inside. If its nice weather it might be a good idea to do it outside. If its cold outside, you may do your massage inside.

3 Figure out if a person or yourself is going to do your massage. Find someone who is willing to do it like your mom, siblings, or friend.

4 Try going to a less noisy area with no TV or kids. That way, you can relax and feel peaceful.

5 Find a place to relax. Your bed, the sofa, or a comfortable seat is needed.

6 Feel comfortable. Have a pillow behind your head so you can relax and feel good.

7 Rub the ends of the glasses (the bits that go over the ear) lightly over your head.

8 Repeat as often as you like.


It's best to have short hair, as long hair can cause problems with flow.

If you're feeling particularly brave, you may wish to construct your own massage device out of several pairs of old glasses.

Don't poke or try to touch your eyes.

Regular forceful use may damage your glasses.

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Give Your Head an Eyeglasses Massage - Dubai Massage Full Service

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