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Make Your Own Crystal Sphere Massage - Dubai Massage Service

In Dubai, you should have tried many kinds of massage , full body, body to body, deep tissue, thai Massage and so on.

But Crystal Sphere Massage is a self-treatment method for relieving pain and discomfort in your physical body by applying pressure with a crystal sphere tool on muscle trigger points, acupressure points or chakras. It is an easy to do method that includes personal preparation, locating points to work on, and the treatment itself. The benefit for doing crystal sphere massage is to address pain immediately, which may prevent more serious problems. You also gain self confidence and trust yourself and what you feel is right for your healing process. It may also help you to develop body awareness and physical health. You can also learn about the subtle energy in your body as various crystal (mineral) spheres are applied. After the treatment you may enjoy pain relief and gain insight about why the pain occurred in the first place.

(1) Prepare. Sit comfortably in a chair or in your bed before starting. Make sure you are undisturbed, and then take several deep breaths to center yourself and relax. Crystal Sphere Massage can done with yoga or meditation practice to increase relaxation and increase the pain relieving effect. Consult the following definitions related to Crystal Sphere Massage:

Trigger Points- localized tensions inside the muscle tissues that most often occur on certain locations in the muscle, and are a result of continuous contractions in the muscle fiber. When touching them, they feel like knots or strings. A trigger point is painful, but you may immediately feel release by pressing them. It is a natural reflex to touch such spots to relieve pain. They are usually along the center line of a muscle. The number one purpose of Crystal Sphere Massage is to remove muscular trigger points, which, as a result, leaves the muscle smooth, flexible, and relaxed.

Acupressure Points- places on the meridians that are located near the skin. The subtle energy system describes 12 or more meridians and other subtle energy organs and channels in the body. Acupuncture points are those points on the meridians that are accessed by acupuncture therapists with an acupuncture needle. Such points may not be as near the skin and not available for acupressure. Acupressure points are not the same as trigger points. Both types of points are used for applying pressure. Acupressure points is to open blocked energy channels (meridians) and remove the blocked energy stagnant in the point.

Pain: An unpleasant physical sensation caused by a noxious stimulus, an event in which bodily tissues could be harmed. Pain can be graduated along the scale of mild pain to unbearable pain. Pain can be localized or diffused all over. Pain can be temporary, intermittent or chronic. There is also mental-emotional pain and spiritual pain, which can not be healed by a Crystal Sphere Massage.

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Make Your Own Crystal Sphere Massage - Dubai Massage Service

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