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Make Your Own Crystal Sphere Massage (3) - Luxury Massage in Dubai

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Know the components of a muscle. A muscle consist of muscle fibers,and those are composed of numerous microscopic units (sarcomeres) surrounded by an inter connective tissue called fascia. Muscles attach via tendons on our skeletal bones.


Crystal Sphere Massage Tools & Size: Choose a crystal sphere that fits your hand comfortably. Most usable sizes are ½ -2 inches (5.1 cm), in other words rather small.

How many Crystal Spheres do I need?

To start you need only one Crystal Sphere that you are comfortable with.A well equipped Crystal Sphere Massage Instructor usually has at least 3 sizes and at least 3 varieties of spheres.

Setting Crystal Sphere Massage Pressure: Identify the painful Trigger Point and find out how much you are able to tolerate (100%) then immediately reduce the pressure to no more than 70%.

Length of session on a trigger point: Stay at least 20 seconds on each point, and if you want to access subtler levels such as emotional or spiritual aspects maintain a lighter pressure (around 30% of pain tolerance) for more than 90 seconds up to 5 minutes. The pressure should not be static but have a slight pulsing action and tiny rotation of the crystal sphere.

Referred Pain: If you have pain in the back of your neck, and you try to work on the painful areas but do not get results, you may suspect that the pain was originating in another muscle. This is called referred pain. When you touch a particular point and feel pain also in another area of your body, that is referred pain. The point you touch has refereed some of the pain to that remote location. For example: Trigger points in the Scalene muscle, located to the side of the neck have several referral areas to the arm, the upper back and the chest.

Things You'll Need

If you already have a sphere use it, that will inspire you to learn more right away. As you grow confident with sphere massage explore other sizes and types. The most common minerals for crystal sphere massage are: Red Aventurine, Serpentine, Grossular Garnet in Diopside, Amazonite, Black calcite in Garnet, Iron Stone, Unakite, Epidote in Garnet, Epidote, Epidote in Feldspar, Peristerite, Pyritized Magnetite, Black Labradorite, Grey Labradorite and Sodalite.

Patience: Make your own healing count as valid. Work systematically with the areas of most concern (pain) first. Remember that the location of the pain may not be its source, see note about referred pain above.

Inform Yourself:Research thoroughly all aspects of treatment for your symptoms keeping your mind open to learn new things.

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Make Your Own Crystal Sphere Massage (3) - Luxury Massage in  Dubai

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