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Make Your Own Crystal Sphere Massage (2) - B2B Massage in Dubai

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Locating points: You want to find the tense areas of your muscles that cause you pain and discomfort. Touching the skin, you may find knots or string-like tensions inside of certain muscles. They are painful to touch. Pressing on a trigger point will begin releasing the tension that causes problems.

2 Know the components of a muscle. A muscle consist of muscle fibers,and those are composed of numerous microscopic units (sarcomeres) surrounded by an inter connective tissue called fascia. Muscles attach via tendons on our skeletal bones.

3 You are now ready to apply treatment. For example, if you have a headache, you may suspect the trigger points are in the muscles in the head and neck. Touching your head and neck will direct you to where the accurate points are. In the case of head and neck pain, you will most likely find trigger points along the muscle that creates a V from behind your ears down to the sternum at the front of your neck (this muscle is called: Sternocleidomastoid).

4 Choose the primary area that you are going to work on, for example the head and neck.

5 You are now ready to apply treatment on that point. Sometimes the entire muscle is so tense that it feels like a wall of concrete. Apply heat prior to treatment, or do a general massage to relax the area. # After finding a particular knot, press on it to notice the level of pain, and also notice if pain is felt somewhere else as well. That is called referred pain.

6 Warm your sphere with your hands, or by immersing it in a bowl with hand warm water (maximum 40 degrees Celsius, 140 degrees Fahrenheit) then dry it on a small towel.

7 Put your crystal sphere on your selected trigger point and apply slight pressure. Make sure you have found the point accurately. # Increase pressure to about 70 % of your maximum pain tolerance. Yes, this can be painful but know that your muscle is screaming to release the pain burden it stores for you. The pain should be felt as a “good pain”, meaning you want to press on it as you feel that the pain is reduced or simply melts away.

Use a very slow pulsing motion up and down and as well a tiny rotation on your trigger point. Stay at least 20 seconds on each point along the muscle you are treating. (see also Massage Pressure and Length of Session below).

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Make Your Own Crystal Sphere Massage (2) - B2B Massage in Dubai

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