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Make Ready a Back to Work Massage/Spa Day - Dubai Massage

In Dubai, many vacation chance to all the people here. When you go out of the plane with your heavy luggage, are you make ready for your work tomorrow? Want to have a back to work beauty and spa day? Do you love that clean refreshed feeling you get? Or maybe its that "WOW" reaction you get on the first day. You can look hot, beautiful, and drop dead gorgeous with your last day of summer makeover and spa day, and the glow of your skin, silkiness of your hair, the whiteness of your teeth, the plumpness of your lips, and your overall beauty will make you stand out and have boys drooling over you. Follow these steps for the best beauty of your life. You should do this in the morning.

The Day Before Work Starts

(1) Start off by body brushing while dry. Then, start taking a shower. Wash your hair and get clean. Use a shampoo infused with keratin, and a matching conditioner. Exfoliate with a sugar scrub. Use a shower gel or nice body soap to completely douse your body with sweet smelling suds. Choose a scent like vanilla, citrus, or flowers. Shave your legs until they are completely hairless, and do the same to your armpits. They should be smoother than anything. Use a bit of baby oil on your skin in the shower to lightly moisturize. Rinse off your conditioner and body with ice cold water to add shine and perk up your skin. Stay under the cold water for 1 minute.

(2) Lather your rough spots in mud. This will soften them up and make them glow. Take moist dirt (gently spray with the hose or get it after rain) and mix with water until smooth. Then lather over your legs, knees, arms, elbows, face, stomach, and any other rough spots! Leave this on until they are completely dry, then rinse it off.

(3) Wash your hands and feet really well. Remove as much dead skin as possible with a foot scrub and body brush. Push back your cuticles, clip off any excess, clip your nails, file, buff, and apply mud to them. Let the mud dry, then rinse, pat dry, apply foot and hand butter and slip on some fluffy socks and slippers. For your hands, put on gloves.

(4) Go soak up some sun for that end-of-summer glow. Tan in the afternoon for at least 1 hour so you get a good tan. You should tan all throughout summer to get the best glow ever. Besides, once work starts, you won't be tanning much.

(5) Paint your nails. If work doesn't start for a few weeks or so you can wait, but if it starts the next day, paint them. First, paint them a clear base coat. Then, apply your favourite nail polish, or a colour that matches the outfit you plan to wear. You could even use the work colours. Remember to paint your toenails as well as your fingernails. Then, you could add a cute design such as glitter, flowers, gems, shatter or stripes if you want. Apply a top coat and let it dry. Finally, apply olive oil to your fingernails and you are done!

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Make Ready a Back to Work Massage/Spa Day - Dubai Massage

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