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Try a Daily Back Massage at Home (3) - B2B Massage in Dubai

(12) Spread the fingers of both hands. Draw the fingertips of one hand down the back, lifting off at the top of the hips as the other hand begins at the shoulders. Repeat several times. Slowly allow the pressure to lighten until your hands float off.


If you don't have massage oil, you can use baby oil instead. Shea butter is also a good source to use and great for the skin.

Everyone has a different tolerance to pressure. Be sure to ask for feedback when introducing deeper strokes and as necessary. A good sign you may be going too deep is when the muscle contracts as you press. If the client confirms that the stroke isn't painful, encourage them to relax so as to avoid injury to the muscle. Never force a stroke on the body.

Ask the person before lighting any incense or scented candles, as some people are irritated by the smell.

Periodically remind the person to take a slow, deep breath into their stomach. It will help them relax.

If you don't have a massage table, you can give the massage on a firm bed or even a floor mat.

If you want to use Shea butter, don't use Shea butter bubble bath. Bubbles could be hard to work with and hard to do a massage with.

After you're done, you can drape a towel over their back and arms and rub them gently so that the towel absorbs most of the oil. Otherwise, it might stain their clothes.

Advise the person to get up slowly. After receiving a massage, it's easy to forget how relaxed you are, only to find yourself wobbling and perhaps even falling to the floor.

Always keep moving your hands. Don't stop and start.

Make sure the room is not too hot or too cold for the person receiving a massage, they will not enjoy it.

Many massage tables include a cushioned face cradle. If you have one, drape it with a pillowcase or small towel, leaving a hole for the mouth and nose, and set it at a comfortable level. You can usually forgo the cushion under the chest if you have a face cradle (an exception would be a client with an extreme thoracic curve).

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Try a Daily Back Massage at Home (3) -  B2B Massage in Dubai

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