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Try a Daily Back Massage at Home (2) - Massage in Dubai

(7) Use muscle lifting on the trapezius. This is the muscle that connects the neck to the shoulders. Continue rubbing as you move around the head.

(8) Repeat the palm circles, muscle lifting, and knuckling on the other side of the back.

(9) Stand above their head. Use an extended thumb to make upward strokes between the shoulder blade and the backbone (from the hips, towards the head). As one thumb slides off, the other one begins its stroke upwards.

Do not apply too much pressure to your thumbs, especially if you do this a lot.

Gradually move over and continue on the other side. Do not do this directly on the spine.

(10) Bring both thumbs to the upper back. You can do this on either side of the spine.

With constant pressure, slowly begin to slide your thumbs down the back. Remember to be careful over the lower back, where there are no ribs protecting internal organs.

When you reach the top of the hips, allow your thumbs to linger there. Use steady pressure before beginning a new stroke.

Slide the hands back up and repeat two more times. Move a bit farther to the sides (away from the spine) each time.

(11) Apply twists. Come back around to the person's side. Reach around the far hip with one hand, while the other hand rests on the near hip. With a fluid motion, pull one hand towards you as the other one pushes away; in the middle, they should slide against each other, in opposite directions. Repeat this stroke up the back until you reach the shoulder area, then come back down. Repeat 3 times.

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