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Dubai Massage Service - More Details About Helen (7)

Same like all the girls in Dubai and all around the world, Helen and all her lovly girls like the luxury fashion bag shoes and also the clothes.

For Helen, her best brand is the Chanel which has more than 100 years history.

Helen has one favoutite bag which is the most popular in the would, CoCo Chanel 2.55!

Coco Chanel bag is designed with a landmark shocked the fashion world, it is 2.55. As a fashion pioneer, Ms. Chanel introduced bold straps designed for use on women's handbags, creating a new fashion trend.

Since then, this woman waving a bag for all fascinated to become one of the coveted female fashion must-have item.

At the same time, Helen love the most romantic perfume : NO.5 !

Chanel No. NO.5 perfume, make 5 perfume industry has become a magic number, representing the beauty of a legend.

"5" is Chanel's lucky number, then the name of the perfume industry in Paris nose ErnestBeaux developed several perfume samples, Chanel perfume in a number of samples, the choice of the first 5 perfume, Chanel No.5 perfume and publication date, Game 5 with the Chanel fashion publication will also be held. In 1953, Chanel No.5 became the first to use television advertising perfume.

Now, Helen has Channel bag, sunglass, perfume and also cloth, moreover, she wants more and more in the future!

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