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Create a Massage Party for Girls - Dubai Massage Full Service

In Dubai, you have to have a experience about the hot and dry climate. In the night, you have a chance to fix all of them. Have a massage Party for Girls

(1) Think of your friends. Which ones you think would actually 'enjoy' something like this? Don't invite a tomboy if you think she would be bored, or dislike all of it.

(2) Clean. Clean your room or wherever the party will take place so guests have massagece, and don't find crumbs on the ground.

(3) As guests arrive, offer them mints or a small hard candy while you wait for the other girls. Once they arrive, you can take a minute to chat, then begin.

(4) Go into a television room, and put on facemasks. While you wait to take them off, watch TV for as long as the recipe says they have to sit for.

(5) Have girls find a partner( if there is only three people, then take turns) and have one do the girls' hair, then switch. You can do pretty hairstyles, or silly ones.

(6) Do the girls' nails, or have partners, but be sure to wait to do someone else's until yours are dry. Have guests sit in front of a small fan to dry their nails. If you like, you can sprinkle glitter on top of them, then use a clear nail polish to stick it down.

(7) If you are allowed, do makeup on each other. However, do not use too much eyeshadow, or smear lipstick all over someone's face. It will be very difficult to get off.

(8) Have another snack, or pizza or some dinner, then watch a movie. You can put towels done if allowed and soak your feet in warm water. Do not drip feet onto carpet or floor, because your parent will not want to have to clean up after a gaggle of girls.

To be continued

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Create a Massage Party for Girls - Dubai Massage Full Service

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