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Create a Massage Party for Girls (2) - Dubai Massage Full Service

(9) Try on different outfits of your own, or ask girls to bring some clothes over before hand, and mix and match. Then have a fashion show, and one girl is the judge, and they choose a winner. Then switch, and someone else be the judge.

(10) Try a fun sleepover chant game, where one girl lies on the ground, and everyone else puts their fingertips under her body, and then chant, " Light as a feather, stiff as a board," 20 times, and then lift her. She should be as light as a feather as the chant says.

(11) If allowed, do prank calls, but only to people you know. Don't be annoying though, or bully anyone on it, make it a joke. And don't call more than twice to a person unless the person on the other end tells you to.

(12) Dance to some songs from your iPod or radio, or MP3 player, and even sing along if you like.

(13) Tell ghost stories. But only if everyone is okay with it, and if everyone says they're okay, then tell a horrifying one that will have everyone scared stiff.

(14) To to sleep, and don't be too loud if you talk for a little while, because chances are, your family is trying to sleep too.


If someone gets really scared from a ghost story, let them call their parent, or keep the light on for a little while, and talk about good non-scary stuff for a little bit until they feel more comfortable.

If a girl accidentally spills makeup/nail polish/nail polish remover, tell an adult, and tell the girl it's okay, and it was a mistake. Even if she doesn't look fine, she's probably super embarrassed, and feels bad.

Put down towels before doing nail polish, and especially nail polish remover. Nail polish remover and nail polish can stain surfaces, and take the stain off of granite and other surfaces.

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Create a Massage Party for Girls (2) - Dubai Massage Full Service

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