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Best Dubai Massage - More Details About Merry (6)

Even Merry comes from Korea, but she likes the Japanese Food, the Japanese Roasted Eel fish.

Eel rice is coated with sweet and salty sauce, then covered with eel rice bowl dishes made on white rice, also called eel rice bowl.

Eel, quite embraced by the Japanese, the "four back even eat one day, still want to eat" argument. You can grill a modern twist from the Edo period eel, eel Having thus loved by the Japanese, can almost be said that because of a "barbecue eel" This conditioning methods. Lift the eel, said based on "BBQ eel" for the highest state is also not too much.

There recovery effect of fatigue, because it contains the main component of vitamin A, B1, B2 and so on. In addition, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and other elements. Summer after consuming a physical eat eel, from the perspective of nutrition, it is reasonable. "Eel rice bowl," a three-point supporting eel in Japan, if you want to take to the streets to eat "eel rice bowl", probably will find that even the "eel rice bowl" and also says "pine, bamboo and plum" or "special on words on, and "like it.

Japanese eel has a unique culture, tradition, Japan most people are unable to eat eel in the usual pro delicious, only the aristocracy can enjoy such a blessing, but the Japanese people across the country will be this special day at the "Earth Day with the ugly" eat eel.

n this day around the country about the calendar of July 20, which is the "eel festival." Just this day, eat an eel Japanese person would eat 100 million, consumption will reach 20,000 tonnes, so the world's largest market is the eel consumed in Japan.

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