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Luxury Dubai Massage - More Details About Lucy (6)

Lucy has a different sytle to the others, same as her characters, she loves the Korean traditonal food which most girls don't like but boys love very much. The Korean Oxtail soup (소꼬리탕 ), a real nice but not beautiful soup.

Korean oxtail soup, light taste kind, good for lungs and kidney, physical fitness has a very magical effect, is a very nutritious value of soup. Oxtail is rich because of collagen, can complement and supplement the body's physical amino acids and proteins, for the physical development of young people have a good role in promoting, but also the patient's nutritional recovery.

Not only for the amazing tasty, but also all the value of the Korean Oxtail Soup.

Oxtail contains protein, fat, vitamins and other ingredients.

Strong bones and muscles, kidney, stomach. Contains a lot of vitamin B1, B2, B12, niacin, folic acid. Nutritious. Suitable for the growth of children and adolescents, after physically weak, the elderly eat.

Lucy now has not found a nice restaurant whcih could make a perfect Korean oxtail soup. She can only make it at home by herself.

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