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Dubai Asian Massage - More Details About Amy (6)

In Amy's childhood, she just loves the home making Pumpkin Porridge from her grandmother. The feeling is warm, sweet, satisied from stomach to heart.

The Korean Pumpkin Porridge is the traditional easy food which owns the longgest history. Because the Barbecue is so popular in Korea that people has to find some dished to release the oil from it. So the pumpkin porridge comes out.

Pumpkin can regulate the rate of absorption of food in the stomach, slows absorption of sugars, soluble fiber foods can delay stomach emptying, control blood sugar rises after a meal. Pectin and the body of excess cholesterol can combine to reduce the absorption of cholesterol, blood cholesterol concentration. Thus pumpkin "blood glucose and lipids share" reputation, with diabetes, often adorned with this product can not only feed their families, but also blood glucose and lipids, can serve several purposes.

Pumpkin is rich in cobalt and pectin, trace element cobalt content is not compared with any other vegetables, it is the trace element islet cells necessary for the synthesis of insulin, eat pumpkin helps to control diabetes. Pectin may delay intestinal absorption of glucose and lipids. Secondly pumpkin vitamin A content than green vegetables.

Eating pumpkin can prevent high blood pressure and some liver and kidney lesions. So pumpkin detoxification, protect the gastric mucosa, help digestion, prevention and treatment of diabetes, lower blood sugar, eliminate carcinogens, promote growth and development and many other effects.

Not only the effects of the pumkins, but also the sweet smeling and delicious tasty.

Amy loves pumpkin porridge not only for eating but also remembering.

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