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Open a New Day From Massage (2)- Dubai Massage Out-call Service

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(6) Buy equipment for your lobby and massage treatment rooms. Depending on what you offer, you will need a front counter or desk, computer system with scheduling software, product shelving, hair styling stations and tools, massage tables, pedicure chairs, manicure tables, facial equipment and linens for every room. You will also need relaxing music to use throughout the facility.

(7) Put the finishing touches on your menu of massage treatments. You'll need to think of names for each treatment and set your prices.

(8) Get your utilities turned on if they haven't already been turned on for construction. This includes water and sewer, electricity, gas, trash service, phone and Internet.

(9) Market your day massage. Put up exterior signage, set up a website, take out ads, send out press releases, do interviews and pass out fliers and coupons. Do as much as your budget allows.

(10) Plan a grand opening party. You can offer complementary mini-treatments to guests, give out menus, serve light snacks and talk to guests about the value your massage services can add to their lives. Offer a discount to anyone who schedules an appointment while at the party.


Take out a loan if necessary. If you're building your own massage or doing extensive renovations, you will most likely need to get some financing.

Plan the layout of your day massage carefully. It's hard to move walls after they're already up.

Give good deals often because people love good deals and are more likely to buy a product or service.

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