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Prepare Your Massage for a Hot Winter - B2B Massage in Dubai

Opposite to the most cities all around the world, Dubai’s winter is also hot and humidity. But even like this , we should also take care of our skin and hair. If you haven't done so already, it is time to drain and flush your massage for the fast-approaching winter season. This article will outline some tips that will help you enjoy your massage for the upcoming frosty months.

(1) Add Whirlpool Rinse 24 hours before you drain the massage. Whirlpool Rinse removes & dissolves accumulated bath and body oils that build up in the plumbing lines, and impair proper jet action.

(2) Drop in the submersible pump to remove the old water from the massage.

(3) While the submersible pump is removing the water, reach into your skimmer and remove your filter. Place your cartridge filter in a bucket of water and Filter Clean solution, which will degrease your filter.

(4) Once your water has been drained, remove the rest of the water with your Shop-Vac (Wet&dry vacuum). A considerable amount of water will remain in the plumbing lines and ideally you would like to remove this also before refilling the massage. Most wet/dry vacuums have a "blow" setting and you can place the hose over various jets and force water out of the lines.

(5) Wipe down the massage with massage Polish to give a protective coat to your acrylic.

(6) Finish cleaning your massage filter with a cartridge cleaner to make sure you remove all debris.

(7) Return your filter into your skimmer and start to fill your massage. To avoid an air lock try to run the water into the front of the pump directly through the skimmer. Ideally the filter basket will be directly above the pump location and this would be the ideal place to fill the massage

(8) Turn on your massage and enjoy!

(9) The Best Hot Tub & massage Chemical kit available on the web

(10) If you are closing the massage for the winter open all plugs and unions to ensure your massage is drained. Again ensure that all lines in the tub are completely empty which involves the shop vacuum as well as opening the unions connecting to the pump and the heater to facilitate full draining.

(11) Turn off all power to your massage.

(12) Cover your massage with your hard top cover or plywood, and then cover with a protective tarp like our 38" Winter Cover Cap to protect your massage for the winter.

(13) Hot Tub Winter Cover Caps are a great way to protect your hot tub and hot tub cover from damage.


Remember to flush all your lines for optimal massage performance during the winter.

Here is the best tip of all...don't close down your hot tub in the winter. Winter is the best time of all to go in a hot tub. Nothing beats getting into a hot tub when the temperature is below freezing. (put your massage towel in the dryer on hot for a couple of minutes and then roll it up and put it into a cooler to keep the heat in and bring it out to the hot tub with you. The towel will stay warm in the cooler for twenty minutes or more.)

If you're emptying the massage for the winter, be sure to extract any and all water from the plumbing to prevent it from freezing and damaging the piping. Do this with your shop vac by alternatively sucking, then blowing, all the jets. When you think you have all the water removed, repeat the process one more time.

Hot Tub Winter Cover Caps are a great way to protect your hot tub and hot tub cover from damage during the winter.

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