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Share a Unforgettable Massage Slumber Party with Friends - Dubai Massage

In Dubai, you should have already tried a dancing party, a singing party, also a Shisha party. But now, would you like a massage party? Massages are glamorous, relaxing, and lovely. Why wouldn't you want to have a massage-themed slumber party? With a little preparation and some creativity, you'll host a wonderful massage slumber party.

(1) Make a list of massage supplies, such as food (should be healthy according to theme), and movies (ask the guests if they have a specific suggestion before the party.)Some snacks to try are:

Small, cut sandwiches - Anything on crackers

Dip - An assortment of fruit and vegetables - And chocolate-covered strawberries


Get invitations.


Send the invitations. If it's a hassle to mail them, then find massage themed e-cards to send.


Decorate before the party with massage-themed decorations. Get some massage type music to play at the party.


Set out your food on a table.


Calm down and get ready for the best party ever.


When your friends arrive, tell them to unpack, because you shouldn't be wasting valuable time at the party.


Go outside for as long as you can because you're going to be cramped up for a whole night.


Make sure to have the girls bring a flashlight for late night bathroom breaks. Also you can play a game of Flashlight Tag at the party.


Eat your faces off, but supply extra snacks for the whole night.


Play games like M.A.S.H. and Truth or Dare or Would-You-Rather.


Do massage treatments the whole night, but while you do them, watch movies too. Chick flicks and Comedies are usually the best.


Try to invite no more then six people!


Make sure you buy exotic face mask flavours like banana, pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, watermelon and oatmeal.


To keep the party alive, play Truth or Dare, pick totally diva movies, and have fun!

If you only have one other friend over, give her beauty supplies!

Have dinner, maybe hot dogs and hamburgers, cake, ice cream, smoothies

another way to find out is to have a sheet of paper and make sure throughout the party your friends write down what they like and didn't like

Play Truth or Dare, watch movies, play Man Hunt, or other fun stuff

If you want to know if your party was fun, see if people are still talking about it a month later.

Do facials, nails, hair and other cool stuff.

Make sure you have food for midnight snacks if people are still hungry

Make sure none of the treatments you use are bad for your or your friends' skin. Always check to make sure none of your friends are allergic to ingredients in the treatments.

Do a scavenger hunt to find all the massage supplies in your house

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