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Make a New Style Foot Massage (2) - Dubai Massage Body to Body Service

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(6) Rub your favorite moisturizing foot or body lotion over each foot. This step will leave your feet sweet smelling and soft.

If you're going to be painting your toenails, wipe off lotion from the toenail area with polish remover before starting. Otherwise, the lotion will interfere with the application of the nail polish.

(7) If you're painting your toenails, your feet are now ready. Apply your usual favorite polish and if you're really luxuriating, use this as an opportunity to apply longer-drying polishes which have a glossier finish. This can allow you to languish in the foot massage a little longer!

Finish with a quick drying top coat.

It's recommended that you wait at least 45 minutes before wearing any closed toe shoes after polish application. Also, make sure that your feet are dry before doing any nail work or pedicure to your feet!


In Dubai, an at-home foot massage is good for parties, sleepovers or just an afternoon in. If having one for a girly sleepover, be sure to include face packs, makeovers and hair-dos for a complete at-home spa package.

An easy way to massage your feet is to include a layer of marbles in the bowl. Run your feet back and forth over these to stimulate the blood flow and to massage them. Do this while soaking.

The process can be done on hands, but only use a very gentle, exfoliator, or none at all.

Although some creams and balms aren't made specifically for feet, you might like to try them as some are great for feet as well has hands and body. This saves some money and doubling up on products too.

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