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Create Your Own Massage Treatment - Best Massage in Dubai

There is nothing more relaxing and pampering than a wonderful DIY facial and home massage treatment. The DIY massage treatments most widely considered to be genuinely effective include facial steaming, facial peels, facial masks, microdermabrasion, and photorejuvenation facial lasers.


Pick a good day that no one is going to be home so you can focus on yourself.


Cleansing: First, start any DIY massage treatment with squeaky clean skin. Use a gentle cleanser, not soap, with warm water. Cleansers with a soy base are less irritating to the skin.


Try some Facial Steaming: Facial steaming can be as simple as heating up water in a large bowl in the microwave or on the stove, draping a towel over your head and letting your skin absorb the steam for 5 minutes. For a rejuvenating steam add green tea and some herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or mint to the water. Facial steamers will open up the pores providing a deep cleansing by steaming out embedded dirt, as well as hydrates the skin.


Toning: Tone skin with a stimulating toner rich in emollients and antioxidants.


Facial Masks: Once a week, give yourself a skin enriching treatment with a moisturizing and hydrating facial mask. There are several OTC options or you can make your own mask using common ingredients such as avocado, banana, or aloe mixed with freshly squeezed citrus juice and a drizzle of olive or nut oil.

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