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Plan a Nice Massage Adventure (2) - Best Massage in Dubai

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5 Splurge on the nails and toes too. Many massages offer manicures and pedicures, and massage/salons offer hair cutting and styling services.

6 Tone up after pampering. Some massages offer a wide selection of exercise and outdoor activities to choose from. Even an exercise as simple as walking will make and keep our bodies fit. Our bodies can only function if the body structure is sound and our blood is pure. massages continue to be considered a sanctuary from stress.


Best massage-Bargains is that you can save by traveling off-season. In the Northeast, rates are lower in the winter, higher in the summer. It's the reverse in the Southwest and Florida.

Destination and resort massages often charge a service fee of 15-20%, but they keep most of that-sometimes all of it-themselves.So if you really appreciated your service,tips are appreciated if not expected.

Look for special bring-a-friend programs. You can also make the most of your time by arriving early in the morning on your first day and leaving late your last day.

Tips of 15-20% are typical at day massages. The therapist gets just 40% to 50% of the fee for the service at most, so they rely on tips. Always check to see what's included.Meals? Treatments? Tax? Service fees? And some resort massages even charge extra for yoga or aerobic classes.

Plan your stay during the week rather than on weekends. A Thursday night arrival will cost more than a Sunday night arrival.

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