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New Baby Massage (1) - Dubai Body to Body Massage

In Dubai, More and more people from Euro or America come to give bitrh to a new Baby. But Babies need to be touched in order to grow physically and emotionally healthy. Massaging babies boosts their immune systems, helps foster muscle development and reduces their stress.Knowing how and when to massage your baby will help you get the most out of this therapeutic practice. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your little one and create a relaxing environment for both of you. If you want to massage your baby as a way to calm her down before going down for a nap, you might wish to use the baby's nursery as the massage room. That way you can easily put her in her crib if she falls asleep during the massage.

Part 1 of 3: Giving an Effective Massage

(1) Make the baby comfortable. Plan to do the massage in a warm room with dim lighting. It's important to make sure the temperature isn't too cold, since the baby's clothes will be removed during the massage. Lay the baby on her back on a soft towel or blanket placed on the floor or a safe flat surface. Put on some soft music if you wish.You can massage your baby with everything removed or just a diaper on in case of an accident. Choose the option that will make your baby more comfortable.

(2) Use edible oil. If you want to use massage oil, choose olive oil, avocado oil or another edible oil, since the baby’s fingers might end up in her mouth. Don’t use mineral oil or another inedible oil, since these aren't possible to digest and could hurt your baby's stomach.

Don’t use peanut oil, almond oil or other oils produced from foods that are common allergens.

If the oil is cool, rub it between your hands to warm it up before applying it to your baby's body.

(3) Use gentle rubbing motions. Do not massage a baby using the same force you’d use for an adult. Use your fingers to gently rub your baby’s body, never pushing too hard or kneading. The goal is not to work out knots or do a deep tissue massage, as it would be with an adult; rather, you want to use soft, circular rubbing motions to gently stimulate the baby's skin.

You'll want to massage the baby’s back, tummy, arms, legs, head and neck. Handle all parts of your baby's body with gentle care.

As the baby grows, you can apply a little more pressure. A toddler can handle a slightly firmer massage than an infant.

(4) Massage in one direction. The general practice is to massage the skin away from the direction of the heart. This has a calming effect on the body, so it's a good technique to use if you want to help her get to sleep more easily. You can also massage toward the heart instead, but bear in mind this has a stimulating effect. Massage toward the heart when you want your baby to feel more active.

Choose the direction depending on the time of day you massage her. If it's playtime, a stimulating massage might make her feel like having some fun. But massaging this way right before bedtime probably won't have the effect you want.

Massaging away from the heart is a great way to calm down a baby who's feeling fussy.

To Be Continued

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