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Teach You Massage Your Wife With 7 Ways (3) - Dubai Massage Full Service

Method 5 of 7: Use Essential Oils

1 Consider essential oils as used in aromatherapy. Research has shown that essential oils can affect the body in various ways. Due to the warning against the use of common drugs during pregnancy, many have turned to essential oils for ways to obtain safe relief. However, remember to always check about the safety of any oils used during pregnancy, as pregnant women should avoid a number of them.

2 Discover what effects oils can have on the pregnant body. Find out which oils are used to alleviate what symptoms. Mandarin aids with morning sickness, insomnia and prevention of stretch marks. Grapefruit is helpful with retention of fluid and fatigue.

3 Avoid Cedar wood, Clary sage and Ginger, all of which promote menstruation and could lead to miscarriage. Clove, Birch and Black pepper can create skin sensitivity and should thus also be avoided during pregnancy (especially since skin is so much more sensitive during this time). Many oils can also be toxic so knowing what oils to avoid is essential for the safety of the baby as well as for mom.

4 Consider hiring a professional aromatherapist for the blending of personalized oils for what ails your wife. Many oils can be mixed to offer aid for multiple symptoms at a time.

Method 6 of 7: Decide on Your Approach

Determine if your wife is interested in special massage positions and techniques rather than just a generalized, all-over massage. Massage therapy has been very successful in relieving muscle tension and stress when performed correctly. Studies have suggested that the regular use of massage during pregnancy may help reduce risks during labor and provide better health for the newborn.

Learn what positions are acceptable for pregnant women and what relief can be expected by the various positions. Some pressure points and positions should be avoided during pregnancy, so it is imperative that you learn what recommendations have to be followed.

Method 7 of 7: Consider Alternatives

Indulge in simple, feel-good practices as often as possible.

  • Cuddle with your wife and gently stroke her scalp.

  • Take a walk together and converse.

  • Draw a warm bath for her.

  • Include candles and soft music to aid in the relaxation effort.

  • Sit her in a comfy chair with her feet elevated.

There are many different focuses of prenatal massage. Some women will benefit from massage that incorporates calming music or essential oils while other women’s main concern may be that special attention be paid to the type of stroke used or to specific areas of the body. It is a very personal decision, so ask your wife what her desires are. This will help you to better meet her personal needs, rather than to give her a generic, one-size-fits-all pregnancy massage.

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