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Make a Ultimate Head Massage (2) - Dubai Massage Home Service

Part 2 of 3: Massaging the Neck

1 Work up to the base of the skull. Continue with the circles up the back of the neck until you reach the hairline. Lower your hands back down and repeat two more times.

2 Massage the neck. Step to one side of your volunteer, and place one hand at the base of the recipient's neck, and your front hand gently on their forehead to keep their head from falling forward. With the rear hand, open your thumb and glide your hand up the back of the neck. Don't put pressure directly on the vertebrae.

3 Slowly allow the head to tilt forward without strain or effort. Keep your hand at the recipient's hairline.

4 Move the head back. Gently lift the head back to vertical and continue backwards, again without forcing, simply allowing the head to move within its own range of motion.

Repeat this 3 times, forward and backward.

Part 3 of 3: Massage the Head

1 Massage the head. Step back behind the recipient and loosen his or her hair if it is restrained. Bring your hands, with fingers spread, to the sides of the head, fingers pointing up. Use a light pressure and slowly move the hands up with a shampooing-like motion, trying to keep the heel of the hands in contact with the scalp as well as the fingers.

2 Rub the scalp. Bring one hand to the volunteer's forehead for stability as you place the heel of the other hand in contact with back of the head. Begin rubbing the scalp by moving your rear hand vigorously back and forth. Continue rubbing as much of the scalp as you can reach, and then switch hands and repeat on the other side.

3 Briskly rub the scalp all over with just the fingertips of both hands. Continue this for about a minute.

4 Stroke your fingers through your recipient's hair from the top of the forehead back. Let the final strokes draw their head back slightly and then lay the fingers over the forehead and draw the fingers down and along the brow line to each temple, making small circles over the temples. Repeat this process three times.

5 Finish up. With smooth strokes beginning at the forehead, slowly work your way to the back of the head. Do this for about a minute, allowing the pressure to become lighter towards the end, until finally your hands float off the head.

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Make a Ultimate Head Massage (2) - Dubai Massage Home Service

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