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Make Your Own Massage Rubbing Oil - Best Dubai Massage

Dubai massage oils generally use essential oils as for scenting the carrier oil and for providing various benefits, such as lifting the spirits or calming. One of the basics rules of aromatherapy is that essential oils must be diluted to be applied to the skin.


When choosing your essential oils, consider the effect you want the oil to have and when you intend to use it. Are you planning on a light fresh aroma to use as a body oil after your morning shower? An invigorating oil to massage into muscles before or after sport? Or you may want a sensual massage oil to share with a special someone!

When choosing your carrier oil bear in mind the properties of the oils and your skin type (or the skin type of the person you are making it for). To start with you can try using a plain Grapeseed, Sweet Almond Oil, or Jojoba Oil. As you experiment you may like to use a combination of vegetables and infused oils to enrich your basic oil blend.


1 To make your oil blend, take your bottle and place in it up to 4 drops of essential oil for every 10ml of carrier oil you will be using. So in a 50ml bottle use up to 20 drops in total of essential oil, in a 100ml bottle use up to 40 drops. For a massage oil for children or anyone whose health is frail or who has sensitive skin, halve this number. Remember you can use 2 or 3 different essential oils in your blend but the total number of drops should together not exceed that stated.

2 Top up your bottle with your chosen carrier massage oil to the shoulder - this is the part where the bottle just begins to narrow. Put on the cap and shake gently or tip the bottle back and forth to mix the oils together.

3 Don't forget to label your creation! Information to note includes the date, the name of the person o and the purpose of the oil, together with the ingredients. This way you can easily reproduce your blend with a dubai massage service.

4 Store in a dark, dry place. Use for massages as needed. The product should be used within 6 months of making it.

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Make Your Own Massage Rubbing Oil - Best Dubai Massage

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