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Give Yourself a Relaxing Facial Massage - Dubai Full Body Massage

Many people swear by facial massages, saying they increase the overall health of the skin, improve blood flow, and remove dead skin. Giving yourself a facial massage can be relaxing, but getting one from someone else as part of a beauty treatment or spa day can be even more of a treat. Whether you're massaging your own face or someone else's, some simple steps can help.

1 Wash your hands thoroughly. You're going to be touching delicate skin, and the last thing you want it to spread more germs and bacteria there.

2 Wash the face with moisturizing soap or gentle face wash. If you're massaging someone else's face, they'll probably want to do this part themselves. Make sure all make-up is removed in the process.

3 Apply a milky face lotion.[1] As you massage the face, the skin will absorb the moisturizer, and it will hydrate the skin and help your palms glide over the surface.

4 Place your palm on the forehead. Move it up and around in a circular motion with even pressure, against the forehead. This is said to relieve tension.

5 Place one palm on each side of to head, at the temples. Massage lightly in circles, applying gentle pressure on both sides. Repeat 2-3 times or more, as desired.

6 Move your palms in a little bit, under your cheekbones on each side. Then, applying light pressure to the skin, pull them out towards the ears. Apply only as much pressure as feels comfortable to the face.

7 Put your thumbs both under the jaw, with your index fingers pointing up to rest against either side of the nose. Then move your whole hands upwards and outwards, so that they slide along the cheeks towards the ears. Repeat several times if desired.

8 Finish with a massage around the ears, if desired. You can circle the top of the ear and apply pressure on the head and neck as you slide down towards the torso.

9 Experiment with facial masks too, if desired. A number of different options can be made or purchased and can be applied before or after a massage. Check out the options in How to Make All Natural Face Masks for ideas.

10 Rinse the face to remove any masks remnants. Apply a toner and/or light moisturizer if desired.

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Give Yourself a Relaxing Facial Massage - Dubai Full Body Massage

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