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Find the Right Massage for You (2) - Dubai Massage Service

Japanese Shiatsu: The Japanese method of Shiatsu employs finger pressure along classic acupuncture meridians. Rhythmic sequences of pressure at localized points, from 2-8 seconds in duration, improve the flow of energy through the body. Most find Shiatsu to be very relaxing.

Thai: Working with meridians of the energy in the body, Thai massage employs yoga postures—conducted by the therapist on the patient’s body—along with compressions and stretches. Besides being both relaxing and energizing, it improves flexibility and range of motion to counteract injury or aging.

2 Consider some popular variations:

Reflexology: Uses pressure applied to specific points on the foot to relax and affect corresponding parts of the body, including specific organs.

Sports massage: Often focuses on one part of the body to reduce strain, employs stretches, and uses generally faster strokes than Swedish massage.

Prenatal massage: If certified in prenatal massage, the therapist knows how to posture and support an expectant mother while reducing stress, relieving aches and pains; prenatal massage can also decrease swelling and improve emotional issues during pregnancy.

3 Look for businesses in your area that offer those types, and watch your favorite group buying/daily deal companies for the style of massage you want.

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Find the Right Massage for You - Dubai Massage Service

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