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Dubai Massage for Shoulder Blade Pain (2)- Dubai Massage Full Service

3 Now massage your shoulders using your hands. Start off with just your fingertips, gently massaging around the area that hurts. Once you feel adjusted to that level of pressure, try applying a little more. You can also try massaging the area directly, although if you feel pain significantly greater than what you're already feeling, you should stop. Use your palms to apply pressure more evenly, or form your hand into a fist to really dig into your shoulder blades.

Use lotion or essential oils if your skin is especially dry.

If you can't reach the part that hurts—for example, if there's a sore spot in the middle of your upper back that's emanating out to your shoulder blades—don't be shy about asking someone to help you!

4 Alternate between light and heavy pressure. If you rub too hard, you could end up damaging your muscles; however, if you don't rub hard enough, you won't get any results. That's why it's best to go back and forth, so you get an even distribution of pressure across your shoulder blades.

5 Keep in mind that certain spots are more helpful to massage than others. You should, of course, focus on the areas that hurt the most. These tend to be in the upper shoulder/neck area rather than the lower shoulder blade. Additionally, there is one particular spot on your right shoulder blade that makes the massage experience much more beneficial. Called "Spot 14" (due to previous establishment of 13 other well-known pressure points for Dubai massage), it can be found in the upper corner of the shoulder blade's "triangle," a couple of inches below where your right shoulder meets your neck. Spot 14 is very small and precise, but you'll definitely know when you hit it because you should feel instant relief, no matter where your shoulder pain is located.

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Dubai Massage for Shoulder Blade Pain (2)- Dubai Massage Full Service

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