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Make Your Own Massage Oils - Best Dubai Massage

Make Your Own Massage Oils

Massage inDuabi is a healing therapy involving manipulation of the body's soft tissues.Massage can soothe muscle aches and pains, encourage relaxation, stimulate the circulation of blood and encourage the flow of lymph. Massage also has beneficial effects on the skin as well as calming and uplifting the mind.

There are numerous styles of massage but essential to most forms of massage (most but not all) is the selection of an appropriate massage oil. While used primarily for lubrication, the oil selected can also have benefits for the skin, as well as assisting the massage itself.

When selecting an oil for massage, each therapist or masseur will have their own set of criteria. But some things to consider are -

The style of massage - the amount of slip and grip required

The client's skin type - dry or oily, how hairy they are (absorbs more oil), any sensitivities or allergies.

The purpose of the massage - whether the massage will be improved or enhanced by the addition of appropriate essential oils. Eg calming oils such as lavender for a relaxation massage

If using essential oils, take into account the aroma preferences of the client.

The needs of the masseur - your own aroma preferences, any skin conditions or potential reactions.

Choosing the most appropriate oil and in the correct amount, should give you the slip and control necessary to carry out the massage while leaving your client with smooth soft skin that is not overly greasy.

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Make Your Own Massage Oils - Best Dubai Massage

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