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Introduction of Massage Oil Base

Base of the massage oil is used to dilute the essential oil for aromatic massage and beauty of DIY. Base oil is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, they are natural and efficient moisturizing factor and provides a variety of nutrition for the skin. Vegetable base oil can be put into the refrigerator, don't put more than half a year after add essential oils, best finished in 2 months!

Basal oil content of two kinds: multi-purpose basal oil, and special base oil.

1, Apricot Kernel Oil: derived from Apricot Kernel, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Is a natural moisturizing factor, quality of a material is lighter, not greasy, a high degree of permeability.

2, Sunflower Oil : it is a very fine texture of base Oil, used to make body care, rich in vitamin E.

3, Soya Oil: extracted from soybean crop, soft, rich nutrition and easy to be absorbed. It is especially suitable for oily skin.

4, Sweet Almond Oil): derived from the amygdala, very lubrication, have the effect of the soften skin, use is very broad, applies to the baby.

5, Grapeseed Oil: heating from Muscat grape seed extract, suitable for oily skin.

Introduction of Massage Oil Base

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