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The Thai Massage experience

Thai massage is kneeling service that alternating movement, soft, hard homogeneous, moderate speed, order.

One complete set of traditional Thai massage starts from the toes in operation until the end of the head is a set of complete action. So back massage with shoulder massage is the concluding part of a whole set of Thai massage, its important degree directly determines the success of a whole set of Thai massage with massage and its quality affects the entire can how much for massage to eliminate fatigue.

Among Our Best Massage Girls in Dubai, Amy ( From Thai) can make the best Body to Body Massage for you.

Dubai Massage Home Service

Thai neck and shoulder massage: Small make up the information provided in the pass area and Thailand today under the experience of the best SPA to introduce the Thai massage the back of the head and shoulder massage trip to share the experience. Thai massage head steps: first, spread the hands gently pressed collar-bone, after gently press the collar-bone hands gently move to the shoulder to degree and collar-bone the same pressure, after a few seconds after hand moving gently from the shoulder to the neck, and from the neck with the head of the force will accept a massage gently in the back of the slightly raised to keep a few seconds, then move the point to your head, will accept a massage head gently down; After is facial massage, facial massage therapist the important part of Thai massage head it in relief at the same time, also have hairdressing effect. Thumb gently massage part between the eyebrows and nose, then gradually by massage eyebrows eyebrow end. Starting point is on both sides of the bridge of the nose gently massage to nose two side, the nose and cheek on both sides at the junction of massage. Will repeat the whole facial massage action a few times, gently massage the middle part of nose and lips, followed by the chin. The whole facial movements can be repeated several times. In the end, is the familiar shoulder massage, push from the neck down to force pressure to shoulder, again by force pulling up to the neck, shoulder and then gently massage from chin to the ear.

Head Thai massage : Thai massage is the most intense of all kinds of massage, massage without use massage oil. Feel pain during the process of massage, especially for the first time experience, may can't stand the big moves in the Thai massage, is responsible for the massage therapist will communicate with experience who massage strength, and remind the thoroughly relax your body and not to twist the strength.And the Thai health care massage after bath, can quickly eliminate fatigue, restore energy, still can enhance the flexibility of joints, ligaments and vitality, restore normal joint activity function, to promote the body fluid circulation, prevention health care, health and beauty effect.

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