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Some Precautions and Requirements for Facial Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, because of the strong sunlight and the strong sand, the girls' faces often become rough and sunburned. At this time, most people will choose to use better sunscreen and skin care products to protect their damaged facial skin.

However, if too many chemicals are used, it is not necessarily good for the skin. Therefore, in daily life, in Dubai, we need to pay more attention to sun protection, and in the evening, we can do some massage on our face gold, not only the face, but also the hands and the full body massage in Dubai, so it will have a lot of skin.

Good protection. However, before we do these massages, we also need to have some understanding of facial massage. Today we will introduce some preparations and basic knowledge of facial massage.

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• First, wash your hands thoroughly before massage to prevent bacteria from contaminating the face. Fingernails should be trimmed and kept clean, and nails should not be too long to avoid damage to the skin. It is best to apply lotion to your hands to avoid burrs.

• Second, the face should be thoroughly washed before massage.

• Third, oily skin, more oil secretion, massage easily increase pore blockage. You can massage after just washing your face, and the time should not exceed

5 minutes. Faces with acne and acne on the face should not be used for facial massage.

• Fourth, sensitive skin is best not to massage, so as not to increase the stimulation of the skin.

• Five, dry skin is prone to small wrinkles, especially in the corners of the eyes and cheeks, massage time can be lengthened, 15 to 20 minutes is appropriate.

• Sixth, neutral skin should be massaged for 15 to 20 minutes to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Facial massage requirements

• 1. Massage with a spray, for about 10 minutes, massage for 15-20 minutes;

• 2. When exercising, keep your arms as far as possible, and move your knuckles and wrists;

• 3. The technique should be coherent when getting the massage in Dubai, and the hands should be soft, flexible and skilled;

• 4. The hand should be stable and evenly massaged during massage. The massage speed should not be too fast, and the skin should not be pulled too much;

• 5. When taking a massage cream, use a sterile stick or cotton swab. Do not dig directly with your hands, and cover the lid in time to keep the skin lubricated during the massage;

• 6. The general principle of massage techniques, along the direction of the texture of the muscles, the direction of vertical wrinkles;

• 7. When massaging and pressing acupuncture points, the intensity should be light to heavy and permeable;

• 8. Use light force around your eyes.

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